Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday log bench in pictures

Today we spent the morning hewing a log bench. Oliver was pretty in to it and Ben was interested for a while. This might be my favorite thing to do ever and if I was actually good at this craft it would be all I did. I'll post more pics when it's done. It's going to have a bottle opener on one end and maybe inlaid horse shoes.  

I cut a log in two with the chainsaw. I really wanted to split it by hand with wedges but the wedges are kind of pricey and I already have a chainsaw.

Working my second favorite tool ever... the draw knife.


My #1 favorite tool ever... a hand planer

Liv likes it too

A week old fawn wandered by to see what we were doing

Mama says time to go

Ben's new game, the log balance...

and fall.


Damie said...

this is your best post ever.

Dave said...

Looks tiring...

Larry Linux said...

Very cool. I look forward to pictures of the finished product. I have never had the chance to use a draw knife, but would like to try some day.

I too love the simple way of life and really enjoy building things with practical application. I will have to send you some images of the moveable chicken coops I designed and built that my wife and I use for our hens.

Most important, it is satisfying to see the relationship you are building with your sons. So many of our young people today lack a father figure in their life. My Dad was my best friend when I was growing up; because he, like you, took time for his son.

GZ said...

Heh ... great stuff. Love the B&W.

My bro in law did some furniture like this for a bit. You guys should yap. Keep the talk to knives, furniture, guns, and girls, and he is good. He gets a bit bewildered when I bring up running.

A lot of the logs up high have the beetle track in them too (which makes for interesting pattern). Or the blue fungi color.

Lucho said...

Thanks Damie!

Dave- ya, but in the best way.

Thank you Larry. I'm a stay at home dad which is an amazing thing to have the opportunity to do. I love it.
A good draw knife is pretty cheap on e-bay and I love using it. Fiddling with logs is cathartic for me I just wish I had done more carpentry when I was young.

GZ- The beetle kill wood is very cool I think. Pine isn't a great wood for most applications though but it's easy to get and free.

Thomas said...

Great stuff - love the photos of the boys. Damie might just be right.