Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday long run and accidental tempo run

First, all of my HR monitors are broken. My Garmin watch works great but won't read HR. My Polar is a POS so no surprise there. The only HR I have now is on my Powertap (fancy wattage meter on my bike which was gifted to me by an athlete of mine). I can't really afford a new one so I'm going with what I got and chasing chickens and punching sides of beef instead of measuring heart rate.
 Longish run of 2 hours playing up in the woods but I lost track of time and realized that my wife had to leave for work in 30:00... and I was about 4.5 hard and hilly miles from home. If it was flat and low altitude I would have relaxed and jogged home but instead I had a surge of adrenaline (always respect the better half) so I forwarded my i-pod to some Metallica and old school Linkin Park and dropped a mallet on the 4.5 miles. Possibly a better effort than yesterday's 5k. Lot's of low 5 paces on the downs and lots of mid 6 paces on the (steep) climbs. Awesome run. This might become a regular thing. I walked in on time feeling amped and high.
 This next week is a bike focus but I have a Tuesday play date with Bob 'The Myth' Sweeney with 2 X 3 mile hill climbs. If anyone wants to join shoot me an e-mail, we're starting at ~8:30 and bring a mouth guard, a first aid kit and a weapon (handguns are a smart option), a compass, and a kayak paddle.
 Solid week of exercise, I won't bore you with a run mileage total, it's paltry in comparison to everyone else.


GZ said...

No cameras though. Don't bring cameras. That really pisses him off.

Lucho said...

I've tried. Remember when I said that my son dropped my camera in water? What actually happened was I took a picture of Bob and it fried the lens.

P. said...

"Paltry" is such a good word.

There's nothing like the threat of a furious woman to really kick the spurs. Last week, a friend's wife told him "with all the training you do, you ought to be winning more races and bringing home something to show for it."

The next day he went out and bagged $150.00 at a TT. Huh.

Kontinue killin'

Rick said...

Aahhh, that's my favorite way to run - with a good reason.