Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday 14 miles

pm) No second run today. I was tempted to run a big week but I'm stepping back from the edge and will rest tonight. Tomorrow is a 20+ mile long run and Saturday might be a race. Another one of those hill climb things... it's in my neighborhood and would fun!

am) 14 miles with 9 mile tempo-ish. Warmed up 2 miles easy then intended on running 12 miles of progressing HR. My Garmin HR strap seems to have died after changing the battery. How did we get a man on the moon? I went through 9 miles in 53:09 running comfortable. HR (by feel) progressed from ~150-160 for the first 6, then up to 170 at mile 9. At mile 9 my hamstring felt "off". No pain or even a twinge, it just started to feel different, so I pulled the plug and cruised in easy. 1:12:50 for the 12 miles. No fatigue, that I could feel, from the last 2 days.
Below are a few pictures Jeff took.


GZ said...

Ouch. It hurts to look at this blog now. 9 in 53? 12 in 73? Dang man.

Anonymous said...


You probably have to rescan for your heart rate monitor.

To do this, go to settings->general->accessories
and select HR Monitor
then select rescan.

This should re-find your HR strap.


Lucho said...

Eric- So you're saying we put a man on the moon with guys who knew to read the instruction manual? LOL- much appreciated!

GZ- Isn't that pic hilarious?

Anonymous said...


I only know this because I banged my head against the wall last week on the same issue. Glad to have saved you some pain.


Justin Mock said...

Nice work.

On the pic, if you're up for an adventure, there is a pro wrestling training facility in Thornton. I've got it on my calendar to go check it out sometime this summer just for fun. If you want to come along...I'll whip you with my HR monitor strap.

Lucho said...

Eric- It worked. Thank you again!

Justin- Ha! That would be kind of fun. There's a boxing club in Boulder that I would love to join someday. I'm a pugilist fan.

Pantheon said...

Like your title pick! Lots to learn from mighty emil! Huuuuge character.

Beautiful pics! I get hammered with those boulder pics lately... ;-)

Def on the 2010 to do list!

Nice on tim.

Greetings from the rain...

Jeff said...

In 1952 at the Helsinki Olympics Emil achieved the impossible. Despite a doctor's warning that he shouldn't compete due to a gland infection two months before, he won the 5,000m, the 10,000m and the marathon, all in a span of eight days. He set a new Olympic record in all three events, and he had never run a marathon before!