Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday 20 miles.

am) 13 miles- 1:25. Average HR 132. Max HR 141. Fastest mile 6:07.

pm) 7 miles of jogging. 47:02.
Week mileage right now is 100. I'm racing Park to Park 10 miler on Monday which has $2500 in prize money and hopefully great competition. The winning time last year was 57:02 (the same pace that I ran the Denver marathon at). The race is on the Denver Marathon course so I will be on familiar ground.

I also ran in my Nike Lunar Trainers today. I like them, but I can't really tell the difference between them and my $1.99 Salvation Army shoes. I think they're going to be perfect for the marathon though.


Matt said...

U R killin' it. I know you aren't accepting athletes now (although you've practically coached me recently :-) but do you think you might have a spot late in the year/early '09? What do you charge?

As for ice baths, I've never really nailed these. Is the best bet to go by the store and buy a huge bag of crushed ice and then dump in a cold bath tub? What other anti-inflamatories do you do?

Lucho said...

I'll be taking athletes again this Winter. Right now I have 32 athletes and it's killing my time with Ben and my wife. I charge $90 per month for a week to week schedule written for you with unlimited contact.
I would suggest a shallow bath with Epsom salts and 1/2 bag of ice. The salt will lower the temperature and Epsom salts are great for soreness.
As for NSAIDS. Just a few times a year have I needed them (knock on wood) but just 200mg every 6 hours is all I would take. Extra hydration for sure and avoid running while you have them in your system as they mask pain. Unless of course you want to run through pain, which is perfectly acceptable too.
What's hurting on you?

Matt said...

Nothing's really hurting though the left knee gets a little sore sometimes. I just ice it and it's been getting better and better. I was wondering about foods/supplements. I take fish oil as a dietary thing but consistency there acts as a kind of anti-inflam, no? I guess ice is the best thing.

I'm actually feeling pretty healthy - my lower legs feel strong (no sign of plantar fascia ((knock on wood)). My consistency and hiking and jump-roping I think help a lot.

Ice bath after long runs (10+), right?