Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday 22 miles.

am) I started out wanting to run 6 miles.. 14 miles and 1:30 later I stopped my watch. Legs (and mind) felt incredible. My motivation is at an all time high for me. I remember wanting to be the best Ironman athlete so badly that I would get tears in my eyes.. today I felt that same surge of desire to be the best runner I can be. The winds were blowing at 40 mph for this..

pm) 8 miles. After my run this morning Jo and I went shopping and didn't get home until after 5pm.. it was dark out when I started so I ran circles around an industrial park that had street lights. This is what I ran:
wu) 2 miles.
1 mile- 5:30 HR max 158 (avg. HR 147)
1 mile- 5:17 HR max 162
1 mile- 5:20 HR max 166
1 mile- 5:19 HR max 170 (avg. HR 164)
All on 1' rest.
cd) 2 miles.
After this I felt energy that was making me jittery.. almost like I was high.

Total mileage for the week so far is 114. Tomorrow- 26 miles planned as 12 miles at HR 145-155/ 8 miles at HR 155-165/ 6 miles at best effort.. run as hard as I can.


JP Flores said...

This is very inspirational to read. It sounds like you are on the verge of a breakthrough!

JK1 said...

Colorado Tech Park? Yea, ran it Sunday am with the wind- fun times, but not as bad as Saturday. Saw they paved our connection road to the other side of the Parkway. Saw a Bald Eagle over there by the lake.

Should of called- I'd of ran with you in the dark.