Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday- Track Repetitions.. 10 miles.

am) Early and cold.. bundled with a pair of tights under my running pants, 3 layers on top, 2 pair gloves. 4 miles wu)
6 X (200-200-400). The fastest 200 was 32"/ slowest was 34". The fastest 400 was 66"/ slowest was 69". Rest intervals were all 200-200-400 of easy walk to catch my breath then jog.


Chuckie V said...

When it came to choosing clothes, I had a similar sort of dilemma here in Solvang this morning...

"Should I wear bib shorts or just the usual cycling shorts?" I asked myself. "And should I go with a normal full-zip jersey or the 'wife-beater' one with the sleeves cut off? And what about sunscreen...should I use 30SPF or the high-powered 45SPF?"

Man, Lucho, I feel for you running in those kinds of conditions. Methinks you'd be that much faster if you didn't have to wear five pounds of clothing.

Lucho said...

That's part of the simplicity of running though, it's doable when it's cold. Cycling in this weather could make one get creative with empty liter soda bottles.
I don't mind it so much really.. I've had so much sun exposure from years in the Caribbean that I'm better off.. and growing up in KS helps. You California boys thrive in the heat- you're living the endless summer. Truly courageous.

Matt said...

CHUCKIE: "Methinks you'd be that much faster if you didn't have to wear five pounds of clothing." Yeah faster than 2:30!

Tim, amateur question but what is the function of running at 130BPM which i assume is very easy, recovery pace for you other than being a recovery run? Does this pace improve economy? Why not keep most closer to AeT

Lucho said...

Matt- the 130 HR is for recovery only. I try to use a HR monitor with a HR cap to make sure I don't run too hard. I could run at AeT (HR 170 or ~2.0-2.5 mmol of lactate)but that would be way under 6:00 pace and too hard.
My goal was to just get my legs going and get blood moving.