Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Warning: Baby content...
Not a too bad first night. I think I expected it to be far worse.. like no sleep at all. Ben woke up maybe 5 times and would scream (nothing worse than being startled awake like that)and cry for ~15:00 or so. He pulls himself up to standing and can't figure out how to lay back down which only adds to his frustration. A couple of times last night I would go in and give him a hug and gently lay him back down and he would be asleep before his head touched the crib. It's painful to hear him cry and know that he only wants to be near us.
Thank you for the comments yesterday from the311boysmom and kerriewlad. Both (experienced) moms who are probably laughing at my bleary eyed, sleep typing posts. Reading Kerrie's blog makes me feel not so bad!
the311boysmom has an older son and her challenges are ones that I won't have for another 10 years! I do a lot of forward thinking and wonder what Ben is going to be like when he's 14 or 15 years old.


The 311 Boys Mom said...

I knew it wouldn't be HORRIBLE, but in case it was I wanted to warn you. It was for my brother with his (now) 4 yr old.

Couple more nights & you'll get to sleep through (mostly). I'm such a freak, when mine DOESN'T come in my room at his regularly scheduled time, I wake up anyway & 9 outta 10 times am in checking on him! :o)
Anyway, it'll only get better!
BTW, I had to drive with my Permit carrying 15 yr old & it was a light sprinkle & dark & I was car sick in less than a mile.....Driving; I never thought about him driving. I don't know why I didn't, but I didn't & its very uncomfortable :o)

kerrie said...

Hope it's going better! I wrote about "sleep" in my blog on Sept. 23rd -
I fully realize that I'm crunchier(pyscho) that most but the important point is realizing that our kids are doing great even when they don't meet up with unrealistic cultural exceptations(eg. sleeping through the night at 6 weeks). And it sounds like Ben is doing great if he is only waking a handful of times and just needs your help to lie down!