Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ironman Florida

I want to say great job to two of my athletes, very new triathletes and first time Ironman competitors who both kicked butt at Ironman Florida..
Travis Scarcliff-10:47:18 M35-39 Swim- 1:03:41 Bike- 5:33:07 Run-4:02:21

Mike Murphy-10:27:14 M35-39 Swim-1:02:40 Bike-5:17:59 Run- 3:55:50.
Great job to both of you guys! Very impressive for a debut Ironman.


Kristy said...


I am one of Carole's athletes in Atlanta and I know and have trained (well, I see them start training:)) with MM and Travis. I was so excited for both of them to have such a great day. I saw their backs on the course. :) Do you coach pure runners? Or, do you coach people that are NOT pure runners but want to be? :) I am going to train for Chicago Marathon and am going to be in need of finding a running coach to meet my goals.

Lucho said...

Kristy- Please drop me an e-mail at jogdaddy@gmail.com. I do coach runners!