Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday 23 miles- 2:30

am) 15 miles- 1:35. HR average 147. I have to take my video camera next time I do this run. There's a house on this country road that has a flock of turkeys that will chase you. Funny at first... but then when I'm having to run an Olympic standard time for the next 400 meters and they are still closing and I start to realize I'm about to get my ass kicked by a bird... not so funny.
If there are any Boulder locals out there reading this, if you get the chance to run out in Anthem (a new cookie cutter town) out by the tri-county airport, there are about 30 miles of brand new trails out there. Ponds with water falls, hills, bathrooms, water fountains.. they also have gigantic cut outs of buffalo's everywhere, which would be cool but they are about 3 times bigger than a real buffalo. I've seen a buffalo up close so I know.

pm) 8 miles- 52:00. Relaxed run with Chuck on his MT bike. He shot some video of me running to show fairly good mechanics of running. My cadence tends to fall in the 90-100 steps per minute range. Quick. We also shot a few of the core exercises and will be posting them tomorrow or the next day.

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Brett said...

Cool. I look forward to the videos. Also cool to see you run. I think working on my form and cadence has helped my running more than anything!