Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday 13 mi.

The legs felt awesome this morning. 13 miles in 1:24. Avg. HR 136. I ran 3 timed miles with my HR at 155-160 to see how my legs were "recovering" from Sunday. 5:34/ 5:35/ 5:39 and it felt like jogging.
I took Ben to the Louisville City Park this afternoon to fly our new kite. Ben loves the car and the car seat and fell asleep on the way over. He rarely sleeps through the day, on Saturday he slept 8 minutes, no exaggeration. At night he wakes up nearly every 2 hours because we are trying to ween him off of the breast and get him to sleep alone. Neither of which I have been able to do and I'm 36 years old! I guess Jo has just learned to sleep through my crying.
When we arrived at the park Ben was fast asleep so I let him be. Lo and behold I look up and I see my compadre Chuck rolling by finishing a 105 mile bike ride. He ended up sitting with me in the park for nearly an hour and a half. Ben woke up and provided some comic relief from Chuck and I ranting and raving about the state of America, SUVs, childhood obesity.. the usual. The park was beautiful and the weather is starting to Fall. No wind today though so the kite stayed in the car. I didn't mind though, Ben didn't mind either I don't think. I can't think of a better life really. Spending my days with my son in a wonderful and safe small town, bumping in to good friends and laughing. I'm healthy, my wife and son are healthy. I'm not sure what I did in my past life but it must have been good.

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kerrie said...

poor baby....don't wean him, he looks like he's still a little babe :).