Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday 25 mi.

Long run again.. 25 miles. One of my athletes asked me today how tired is too tired to try a workout. That depends I believe, on what your goals are and how disciplined (or tough) you are. If you have goals that are challenging and will require a certain amount of risk then training through fatigue is ok. If you are very disciplined and can simply DO the workout rather than TRY the workout then I say go for it. With that said, I strongly believe too that if you aren't going to recover from the workout then skip it.
My athlete also said that my "blog is very perky and full of 'I feel just great'". Well, I often do... sorry. But I also have a skewed sense of perceived exertion, I feel good when I feel tired. I have often wondered if that gross feeling when I taper or rest is actually me feeling good. Today I started my run very tired. Yesterday's downhill efforts made my outer quads tender today and my run today was on a hilly course again. I also ran the first 1:30 with full leggings and 3 layers up top to over heat a bit. I ended the run with a negative split and managed to work with the fatigue and put one leg in front of the other by simply telling it to. I never felt good but I got the workout in (and at the correct HR) because my goal is important to me.
Above photo courtesy of Chuck...

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