Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday 14 mi.

I'm not going to say what my mileage was this week.. but I'm pretty sure it was about 40 miles more than any of the 3 guys who finished ahead of me today in the Crossroads 1/2 Marathon. I started the race with what I thought yesterday was a strained calf muscle.. not, a sore IT band which at the moment is back to normal, and feeling fairly tired. I wanted to simply average a HR of 170 for the race and see where that left me at the end. I went through mile 3 in ~16:10 with my HR holding steady at 163 so I surged on the front group and we split up with Austin Vigil taking the lead after that. He ended up winning in ~1:11. Overall the 5:32 that I averaged was almost boring. I stuck to my plan though and simply ran my race. Denver is going to be hillier than today's race but I plan on peaking which is going to make all the difference.
As I'm writing this my legs feel better than they have all week. I would say that I had 2 workouts this week that were harder than the race ;)
I also have a coach now!

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