Monday, April 25, 2016

Owl fly rod case

Pattern traced onto the leather and starting to cut and tool.  

Done tooling. Maybe 6 hours in at this point.  

Border is done. Stitch holes are awled and dye is applied. 

Not sure how many stitches there are, maybe 800 total. Each stitch is a struggle and I broke 5 needles on this run. You push the needle through the top and then have to torque it under the backside (blind) and push up from the bottom. 

Needle groove in my thumb and skin gone.  

The end caps are the most difficult by far. The fit is tight enough on the closure to leave it as is but I want to add a more secure closure. My idea is a length of black floating fly line that loops around the silver trout.  


GZ said...

Pretty impressive. Ever consider using a thimble?

Lucho said...

What do guitar players do when their fingers become tender?

GZ said...

This begs so many smart ass comments I don't know where to begin. I was going to say that I play at MAF so my fingers are always healthy to start.

Lucho said...

You'll never be good if you just play at MAF.

GZ said...

Great response. It too has multiple plays/meanings.

I need to get up there and do the book exchange. Maybe a mile or two.

Lucho said...

This week is pretty chaotic with an attempt at a Kylo Ren/ light saber cake and birthday party. Maybe next week.