Thursday, June 26, 2014

Update. Fly fishing.

I realized it's been a bit since I posted here.

 I've been in the weight room very consistently and am really happy to feel bomb proof again. I'm getting strong. Running a bit. Biking a bit.

 I'm fishing and camping mostly (it's Thursday and I'm camping and fishing with my boys tonight) and am gearing up for a trip to Florida to fly fish for 7 days off Sanibel Island. We have a condo on the water and the area is considered some of the best snook (out of season now), tarpon, and permit fishing in the World.
 Having just fly fished Colorado rivers I needed to completely re-outfit for the ocean which I was more than excited to do. Below I've posted pics and prices of my gear. Remember that I'm the thriftiest guy on the planet... maybe even the whole county.
A typical Colorado fly is on the left. It's microscopic. The flies I'll use in the Gulf, on the right, are monsters!

Hand for reference. Those wounds are from a hammer deflecting off a chisel. I'm re-doing our fire place.

Typical of my life's luck... my mom was at a garage sale in Kansas of all land locked places and bought this vintage fly wallet for $1.00. It was full of exactly the saltwater flies I need for the Gulf.  

I also bought, used on e-bay for $5.00, a heavy saltwater spinning reel for some more relaxing fishing. It's an older model Shimano reel but is in excellent condition and will work well. The thing is HUGE. 

And my baby. 9'4", 9 weight fly rod with an Okuma reel. I got the rod for $35.00 new from a small company and the reel for $10.00 used and already lined. The line/ leader alone are worth $50.00. The rod blank is the same that many ~$300.00 rods are based on. I got a ~$450.00 set up for  $45.00.

The Okuma 8/9 weight reel. Titanium reel seat. That's "art" to me. 

 All told I'm spending less than $50.00 on a more than completely adequate fly set-up for Florida that would normally cost ~$500 or so.

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PatrickCT said...

Lucho: having fly fished quite a bit in Florida, I'd emphasize that you should have some chartreuse deceivers for general use of luck...